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June 19, 2009


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I'm only here to read what you have to write and you are so strong. :-)

I'll try White Bear's substitution exercise on my male friends' (including me) most recent Facebook statuses.

1. "I'm better now. (if only I could lose the f***ing headache...)" = I have a penis.

2. "Is looking forward to a weekend with my second family. And by "second family" I mean the one no one knows about." = I have a penis.

3. "saw an ad to learn twitter in under an hour using a four-part video course. I now want to cry." = I have a penis.


5. "I ♥ Katies new hair cut!!! It is amazing!!!!" = I have a penis.

6. "The internets is slow today" = I have a penis.

7. "is about to watch Lefty" = I have a penis.

8. "Were it so easy." = I have a penis.

9. " this keeps getting better and better...finished for tonight aaaaand don't have to work sunday night.... BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!" = I have a penis.

10. "woke up unexpectedly. Maybe I should blog." = I have a penis.

And being seven is truly awesome, because men need reminding that just because we have penii, we don't need to be pricks.

"He's a baby, in his early twenties."

When I was still what is considered young in this culture, I despised when people condescended to me this way and generally refused to talk to anyone who did so -- because I was most often much more intellectually and emotionally mature than the person doing the condescending. And that was true from about the time I was 13 or so.

It's amazing the walls people build around themselves, the bulwarks they throw up against possibility, and the tiny condescensions designed to reinforce supposed greater wisdom with age, social classes, and the like.

I want no part of it, because most people generally have no clue what another person is capable of, how wise they are. Age means nothing, other than it gives older people the chance to pretend they've learned more.

I tend to find that the men I know and associate with perform their masculinity in very community-specific ways that are much more complex and interesting than "I have a penis." But on TV and among men who watch a lot of TV, we tend to see much more "I have a penis"-type masculinity. I wanted to clarify, so I wrote a really long post about it at my blog.

OTOH, CB's FB readings are hilarious.

I happened to click straight through from the main post to the comments without reading the part below the fold and CB's comment utterly confused me.

Megan, if you haven't read it before, allow me to recommend The Mismeasure of Woman. I think you'd like it. I was just re-reading a bit of it last night, and it's quite good.

Like many feminist works it is somewhat dated by the fact that some of its observations have become conventionally accepted, but it's well enough written that it's worth reading.

Wait, we're doing COMMENTS now?!?!?

Yeah the comments are back!

And while I agree that actual numbers may well be a bad idea (for one thing, it probably leads to many comments that not only mention that they have a penis, but add that their penis is big, bigger than your's, probably bigger than you etc, etc...)

But surely a comparison with your earlier lifts would be OK? Maybe a percentage improvement?

God, I thought you'd never ask!

Bench: 145, up ten pounds after a yearlong plateau, and

put another 10 lbs on my deadlift to bring it up to 270lbs.

We're having a mini-meet on Sunday. I'm hoping for:

Squat: 200lbs
Bench: 150lbs
Deadlift: 275lbs.

Okay, hilarious, and related (in an "I have a penis" versus women way): http://xkcd.com/322/

Your Deadlift is really high given your bench and squat, at least given the ratios I am familiar with (which are admittedly guys only).

And what were your starting figures?

Yeah, my deadlift is high, although I prefer to think of that as my real potential and the other two as low. It looked to me like squat can be about 80% of deadlift, so I'd like to see it up near 220 or 230lbs. I also want to get my bench up to 180, 190lbs. That'll take years, though.

Starting figures weren't that different.

Bench: 130lbs
Deadlift: 235 lbs

and we didn't do much squat maxing before the competition, so I don't remember a solid number as my initial squat.

Based on http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/DeadliftStandards.html

yes, squats are about 80% of deads, but as the numbers go up, the % difference shrinks.

It also tells me that your starting deadlift was somewhere between the "advanced" and the "elite" level, depending on how big you are.

Using these tables as a guide, it looks like you should bench 150 and squat 210. So you aren't off target at all.

Now you just need to reach the above elite standard, should take you another couple of weeks...

Naw, I'm bigger than that. My numbers are about "advanced" level now. I'd really like to bench more, though. The recent movement is great, because I've thought that my bench was lagging.

Megan, nice numbers! You rock!!

Thanks, although compliments still make me squirm.


Please interpret my comments as someone who wrote them carefully in an effort to avoid the dreaded compliment

We've been friends for years now, doctorpat. I know you wouldn't embarrass me with a compliment.

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