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August 04, 2009


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Him? You had an island fling with him!?

I think there were flaws in your preparatory research.

White triangular smudges, indeed!

Well, I'm glad you answered the one question we've all been wondering about.

Having the "boat" be "sideways in the water" is one of my favorite positions. An "ignorant brute force position" isn't really my thing, but I've heard friends rave about it. With ropes, too! Very kinky.

I thought the idea was that the blogger was supposed to be spending the trip horizontal, not the boat.

Heh. I didn't meet the gentleman in the picture. He was in the next boat over. That's what the zoom is for.

No, I think it's the, "I ate fish afterall," part that's the coded secret message. Please decode it, it could mean many things...

Usually when my transportation is angled far from horizontal, I expect things to be very wrong within seconds.

But Megan, we all know you ride a bike.

Hmmm. Oh, I see the problem. The bike is vertical, my seat is horizontal.

I assumed that Dr. pat was referring to the fact that bikes are also significantly off vertical when cornering.

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