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August 19, 2009


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It keeps being 90 degrees in DC, too, and there are a lot of dramatic thunderstorms and torrential rain, and my hopes get all raised. But then the next day it is just 90 degrees again and then there is another thunderstorm. Someone forgot to tell the heat about how it is supposed to break, apparently.

Autumn is coming to Boston next week. The forecast for Wednesday calls for a high of 81 and a low of 48. With a high of 66 the next day. That's change I'm not sure I can believe in.

We had a historic heat wave three weeks ago, and it was miserable.

No complaints on this end, non-stop rain (6+ weeks with no relief on weekends) this past spring in the Northeast, I am grateful for the heat and fear autumn's approach after this too-brief phantom summer.

There's a simple solution to your problem. Go metric. Then you'll be in the low 30s and have no trouble at all.

Fun! August thunderstorms are my favorite!

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