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October 04, 2009


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So freeing when you just start something - new project, new book, new life, new man. All kitchens need a great view from the window - should be mandatory. The shag chair needs a strong black and white cover - stripes/paisley/geometric pattern - it will set off that divine aquamarine? pale green in the background.

Love it. Welcome back backyard!

we're house shopping, one of the criteria on my list is that the kitchen sink has a view. Currently I have: a dog-ravaged backyard, followed by greenbelt, houses and a church steeple or so, then the foothills of the Rocky Mts. So I'm a bit spoilt. It turns out that a sink with a view is one of the hardest things to find in a house.

My kitchen sink looks out over my living room.

Hmm. The new light in my kitchen reveals that my windows are dirty. Maybe it was better before.

Dirty windows aren't so bad -- we cleaned ours for the first time this past summer after having moved in more than a year ago. Turns out that the indirect light isn't so indirect when it comes through clean windows, even if they're a bit streaky. We ripped up his old undershirts and stuck the rags onto the Swiffer pole, and opened the windows and sprayed Windex onto them. The work of 30 minutes. It will probably go even faster for you since you seem to be roughly on ground level rather than in an apartment several floors up :-)

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