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October 02, 2009


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Go to PubMed and look up the works of Dr. Alan Ebringer:


Search for "Ebringer". He has a viable mechanism to explain Crohn's disease- proteins from Klebsiella pneumoniae. It involves sensitization of the immune system to proteins from this organism; unfortunately, the "cure" isn't so easy: withhold starch from the diet. I also suggest cutting way the heck back on sugars, and consuming no wheat as well. It takes a couple of years, but things improve markedly.

Best wishes to you.

I won't find The Definitive Cure if I am not obsessed, and I feel a little guilty about that.

My opinion: You're not going to come to a new solution to this problem unless you make it your life's focus. BUT you don't need obsession to try some of the suggestions out there, and this might well be effective. So just try something for a reasonable length of time, and see what happens.

I did not know you had been diagnosed with this. Wishing you all the best. I have friends and relatives who have been able to control the disease and live normal lives with it.


http://www.patientslikeme.com/ -- they don't have a Crohn's community yet, but maybe soon?

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