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October 22, 2009


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This post was directed at Sherry, but it gives me hope for my aching body. That perhaps it is not too late. Thank you.

That's excellent about the pull-up. One of the very best exercises.


Peter, I know. I was soooo excited when it happened. I worked on it for about two years.

Kelly, yes. Your body would come back for you, if you are kind to it.

soooo cool that you did a pull-up. What do you think is the best way to train? It's always been a goal of mine to do a pull-up.

We trained that for a long time.

Started with pull-ups inside these great big rubber bands. I was in two of the thick ones at first. They got smaller and smaller until people were laughing at my symbolic single thin rubber band.

Then I did jump-pulls. With the momentum from the jump, I could finish the pull-up.

Then one day, an old guy at the park came over to comment on my pull-ups, because men just HAVE to comment on my pull-ups and told me not to jump. I started to show him that I couldn't lift myself out of the hang. Leaned back to pull with my lats and got up to half-way. I was worked from the set of jump-pulls, but that night I went to the gym and did two single pull-ups. It was fun and everyone gathered to cheer for me. It is a big day when someone first does a pull-up.

Thing the first: congratulations on your pullups! I love pullups and pushups.

Thing the second: this is one of my favorite posts because it articulates what I try to tell my friends who say they ache and get sick a lot and they hate that "age" makes them fatter. And supposedly I'm "lucky" because I'm the exception. Lucky, I say? I lift 6x/week, run hills and sprints and distance, do hot yoga, surf, and will soon have my first stand up paddleboard lesson. If I had my perfect day, it would include spending it doing physical activity, then getting a good deep tissue massage. It's not luck. It feels great to be in my body and to see what it can do. If you listen to your body and treat it kindly and exercise it like you would a pet, it will love you and be good to you and help you live a happier life.

Thanks, Megan, for this post.

What a great post - I particularly enjoyed the insight about our body as a mute creature - to be treated with compassion and making the effort to understand its needs. About 4 months ago I realised that I had to look after my body - my hip is becoming arthritic and was made worse by taking up running last year. I decided to lose weight and take up walking instead - I've now dropped two dress sizes and the pain has reduced and I feel healthier than I have in years.

Congratulations, Megan.

This is a fantastic post. And, congratulations on the pull ups!

Thanks, y'all.

I love this post! Whenever I start to think negatively about my body (not thin enough, etc.), I think of all the amazing athletic things it can do, and I give myself a break.

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