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October 13, 2009


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Could you invite the student to walk outside with you during the appointments when the weather is fine? I find it much easier to speak freely with someone I don't know well if we are in motion than if she's behind a desk.

Nice idea, PG. Another suggestion is to see if you can do group appointments. Maybe two students on the same course? This way you could get an hour slot and they might inspire one another. Depends a lot on the personalities involved.

There is a stack of stuff you can do on the physical side. You can address some postural issues with simple exercises like this:


This might help alleviate some pain. It is quite easy to fit 5 or so 5 minute workouts into a working day, and you can do a lot of stretching and strengthening in this time (I do this). Email me if you'd like more suggestions.

I live a really physical life just because that's how I've always been, so I empathize with you. I can't imagine peace of mind without activity.

PG's idea is fantastic!

I've got several years on you, which means lots of niggling little injuries and aches that occasionally crop up (commonly tendonitis in one form or another). Several things have helped: fish and flaxseed oil help with various inflammations. Hot yoga has been great for stretching, and this website has been spot-on in terms of identifying the actual source of my pain and helping to correct the underlying problem without meds or doctors: julstro.com. I think the forums have a special section on carpal tunnel, and the author's approach is not surgical. Her underlying belief is that most often athletes suffer pain from a muscle spasm occurring away from the site of pain.

Finally, I don't want to nag, but please get to a dentist pronto! :-) There is a strong connection between heart health, a good immune system, and healthy teeth/gums.

Hope things turn around for you.

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