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November 13, 2009


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well i have been a little more tearing up-y than usual of late, but this got me too. so sweet.

I've been delightfully surprised by how thoughtful and gentle older kids are with my toddler. Five and six year olds are great with her, as are 11 year olds. And of course she adores playing with the big kids.

Megan, who but you can make all the water bills recently signed by the Gov. in CA sound sexy to us? Managing a delta? Cutting water use? Data on groundwater levels? What to make of it all?

Hmmm. You know, I'm writing a water blog again (loosely psuedonymous, so if you would please be discreet over there), if you're interested in such things. I haven't written much about the legislation. That blog is pitched for people who already know the topic well, so it doesn't explain background. But if you're interested, the link is under my name. I could answer specific questions there.

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