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November 19, 2009


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Funny thing is, I found your blog looking for some explanation of what in the world "rhubarb pie" is after the second embarrassing conversation with my boss of 7 months where I totally showed just how little exposure I have had to things outside of my culture. (the first was when I couldn't quite remember who Juilia Child was--this came right after I explained how much I love to cook.)

I guess it doesn't sound so bad until you learn that I am a 27 year old mother, wife and attorney licensed in two states that graduated 2nd in my law school class. I think the firm was very impressed with me on paper and had high hopes for me...and I may not be quite meeting those expectations. Heck, I am not meeting my own expectations. Personally I feel like I am "in a moment of professional restlessness" despite the fact I have a "good job" in this relentless economy. I simply do not have that "satisfaction" you boast of. I desperately desire it.

If only I would have had an adviser like you when I was at FSU preparing my "I want to go to law school because Clair Huxtable was a lawyer and that is the only lawyer I know" statement. Well that is not really what it said, but that is why I went. Yeah I was pretty clueless and 3 years after law school, I still am.

I enjoyed reading your entry. It gives me a little hope about a great deal of things. (but no definition of rhubarb pie...but no worries I found it on Wiki and still can't say I ever heard of the stuff!)

Sherry--Any thoughts on why it took so long to find a job you really love? My job right now--graduate student--has its moments but is hardly enthralling. And it makes me afraid of whether academia, or even industry, will really bring me happiness. So how did you go through the process of finding something better/more fulfilling?

Further to the previous comment, once you have found what you (think you will) really love, how do you summon the courage to walk away from something safe and stable to pursue that? What do you advise your students who are, say, only going to law school because they feel pressured to or because they can't think of anything else to do?

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