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December 14, 2009


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My five year old son C-Dog and I had a delightful three-quarter-mile walk to school this morning, crunching through two inches of fresh snow in the stillness of the eight degree above zero dawn.

There is no bad weather, only insufficient gear.

Yes, this dratted cold stuff is not why we moved to California!!!

Honey - we are just beginning to settle in here on the East Coast for a 4 month wintry nocturne. You Californians are completely spoiled. You may have lost this reader with the lament of the fading tan. Good grief.

I look forward to your winters' stay with me in Finland :P

Hey Joe! I'll visit for sure, but only in summer, for the twenty hour days.

Don't forget (in addition to hats + scarves) delightfully fuzzy sweaters!

PS - Sherry, I have a mock turtleneck fleece sweatshirt that is PERFECT for keeping all the warm in, though it would be even better with a zip neck, for letting some body heat out when need be. Still love it for the coldest days though! And I always tuck in the bottom layer, to keep the heat from escaping out the bottom of my shirt - unless you then heat up and need to let some steam out.

Still haven't needed to wear tights under my pants yet this winter though.

Megan, did you get your chard in yet? My radishes have been outstanding. I like to pair them in fish tacos with the bass that is always a good bite on Lake Shasta this time of year.

Hah! My sister just harvested her radishes. I've been such a slacker on my winter garden. I'll have to start from scratch in January, even though the soil will be cold.

I'm pretty sure canned blueberry jam is the winter garden of maine.

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