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January 02, 2010


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I am happy to publicly testify that I am one of those three people who tried the pancake recipe after Megan linked to it earlier, and everyone who ate them *loved* them!

The overnight (or 6-8 hours) prep is a must, and don't worry if they seem undercooked right off the griddle (I always sample my pancakes for QC); it's oatmeal, and oatmeal is a little gooey when it's hot.

QC is extremely important. Strong work, Lora.

Lingonberry preserves? Yeah, next time I stop by North Dakota I'll pick some up.

Will do this weekend...

I've been making these ever since you posted about them before and they are the best! I even made them for Christmas Morning Breakfast - with the lingonberry preserves (found at your local IKEA).

Scott! Hi! I didn't know you were still around. I'm glad.

I don't know what a lingonberry is, but you have addicted us all to sauteed portabello mushrooms and savory little pitas with pie crust (have you tried with gouda and carmelized onions?).

Also, are lingonberries local? ;)

I've not tried lingonberries, myself. I go for sugar with lemon juice squeezed over it.

I'm also happy to publicly testify that I'm one of the three people who made these fabulous pancakes. Megan is NOT kidding. They are that good.

Lingonberries come from Sweden, and are packed in a glass jar. Kind of like preserves, but not so jammy. In Portland, Oregon, we can find them in our local grocery stores. Also, Whole Foods has them. And, they are quite good with these pancakes.

I also put some maple syrup on the pancakes, and that was excellent.

I'm going to try Megan's sugar with lemon juice idea next time. Megan, do you use brown, white, or powdered sugar?

I use mildly less processed cane sugar, because that's what I keep on hand.

Light sprinkle of sugar, squeeze of lemon. Very yummy.

Also, just heard from a fourth person, who vouches for these pancakes.

Thanks Megan! I'm generally not all that excited about pancakes, although crepes are another matter, but these are delicious! We used strawberry jelly because that's what was on hand, but since we've both agreed to add this to our regular breakfast rotation, I'll keep a lookout for some lingonberry preserves for next time.

Thank you! I made these pancakes, from batter the night before, as my first pancakes Ever! There were blueberries in some, chocolate chips in others, and they were all BIG hits! Delicious!

I made these pancakes this morning and they were terrific. Can't wait to read your next recipe recommendation!

By the way, Ikea sells 14 oz (400g) jars of ligonberries for $2.99.

See here: www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/IKEA_Food/swedish_food_market.html

I made pancakes as instructed. The kids loved them, even without lingonberries. The youngest (A-Dog, 3 and a half) thought they tasted like grilled cheese without the cheese. The grownups liked them a lot as well. Thank you for providing this vital public service.

That's awesome Matt. I'm so glad. See you in a couple months, right?

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