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January 03, 2010


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I am so horrified I can't find words.

hahahahahah!! I love it!

We're having the most snow for N years right now, so this advice was very well timed. I must admit to making the rookie mistake of the mid-storm shovel. In my defence it wasn't really a storm -- in fact the snow had stopped when I started shoveling. The path I cleared is still faintly visible.

It was fun.

Take it from a former upstate New Yorker -- true snow veterans know the mid-storm shovel is very useful. If you let too much powder snow accumulate, then the pressurized layer on the bottom starts the transition to ice -- it gets thick and slushy and can even go all the way and become an impenetrable ice layer. Then it will be much harder to get off after the storm. The mid-storm shovel is only deprecated by those perfectionists who find it intolerable to see white powder immedeiately return to their neatly shoveled path.

Plus, a quick shovel outside makes it that much more satisfying to laze in front of the fire with some hot cider and look out at the blizzard.

I tried shoveling some snow recently in State College, PA. I thought I ruined my back.

Your Uncle Clark

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