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February 18, 2010


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Happy Birthday!

Thanks, sugar!

Aww, dang. I'm a little late. Many happy returns!

In other news, Kerttu and I are about to sign a lease for a flat in Helsinki. There will be space for visitors. You have a standing invitation!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I celebrated with 2xBW deadlift for 5 reps. Form fell apart at the end but I'll take it.

Helsinki, huh? Maybe this summer (but probably not).

Nice! Deadlifts for me for my birthday!

Megan, happy birthday. Hope that it is the best year so far and many, many, many more. Enjoy!

Happy birthday, Megan.

You guys are wonderful too! As wonderful as 38!

Happy birthday to you! And congrats to Anand & his lady.

Happy Birthday, Megan!

Happy birthday, Megan!*

*plus apology and 10% fee for lateness.

Happy Birthday! Just slightly belated now, but I'm a firm believer you can claim most of your birthday month for birthday wishes and celebrations.

You can jump double dutch? Wow. I never learned, and Sally doesn't seem to be picking it up at her school either. Maybe in middle school.

No, I can't double dutch. Wish I could. But we were out there trying.

I did used to be a valued rope swinger for double dutch -- there's a knack to it. But never got the hang of jumping.

Late, late - but happy birthday and thanks for sharing the gift of your inspired writing and talent for living.

Begging your indulgence for being sooo late, but hoping you had a very happy birthday week!

Very latest of happy birthdays to you! I used to be able to double dutch, but that was when I was a foot shorter and had no boobs to get rope snagged on.

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