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March 02, 2010


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I'm surprised they still schedule the PE exam like that; the AREs switched to schedule-your-own at least 10 years ago - so much more sane, and with computerized testing, a no-brainer. Is the PE exam not fully computerized yet?

Anyway, enjoy your unexpected free time.

Unfortunately, my rule always becomes more expansive than your lovely, simple, and powerful rule. Beautiful or useful or old-and-cool or something-I'll-get-to-soon or...sigh. But thanks for the inspirational post.

Did you freecycle any of your stuff at the curb, or just put it out with a sign?


The give-away is pretty well established here, and I'm on a busy corner. I don't even put out a sign. Pile of stuff out to the corner, and see if anything is left when I get home from work.

The rule isn't mine. I was paraphrasing. "Have nothing in your house that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." William Morris.

Also, I don't think I've told you yet. We had your pomegranate jam with last pancake brunch. It was supremely excellent. I could taste the honey. People raved. Thank you so much.

Don't think the P.E. is computerized at all. Old school Scantrons, baby. Just my style.

Old school Scantrons, baby. Just my style.

Are you allowed to bring your own sliderule, or do they provide those for you?

PS - Safari doesn't like "sliderule". Ha ha, old technology.

How do you classify sentimental stuff? That's my biggest stumbling block in sorting and purging.

What heebie said. Except I refuse to admit that I'm being sentimental about it, so I claim that I plan to use it someday, usually by writing about it. Blogging has increased my paper clutter immensely.

Oooh. Sentimental stuff is the huge danger zone. You're right. That's where it gets hard.

With that title I thought you were back to looking for boys.

I have this large storage area under my house. Every time I go into it, the rule is that I have to take at least one thing out and put it in the bin/charity/compost/ebay.

I think I'm gaining on it. Well I'm gaining in terms of numbers, I think I'm losing in terms of mass.

(The other entry rule is at least one one-arm-chinup with each arm on the rafters there. Complicated by the fact that I can't do a one-arm chin at my current weight, so I have to do a partial or a negative.)

I need a chin-up bar. I haven't been working on them, and lost them from last summer. Otoh, my squats are getting heavy these days.

I already had a purge/clean weekend planned for this weekend. Thanks for extra motivation. My biggest step now is paper shredding - I know it all has to go, it's just time consuming. Maybe a fire in the grill outside?

I personally loved bringing my grocery bags of old paper over to the fireplace. Soon as the decision is made, in it goes. Very satisfying to burn each paper bags as it is emptied.

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