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March 28, 2010


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You guys are going to be all sweet and opinionated, but really. I don't think we've posted much of worth in a good long time.

What can we do to make you more unhappy?


Perhaps not, but I'm not a believer that you have to post often to be worthwhile. I like what I see here, usually.

You just need more posts on power lifting and/or irrigation. That's the ticket.

Post when you have something to say. You're not on a schedule. We readers wander in as necessary - happy when there's something here but understand that you live life, not just blog about life.

Yes, given RSS, I'm not constantly popping in here and feeling disappointed there's nothing new. It's the opposite -- I see some nice Rhubarb Pie in my reader, and it's a pleasant surprise.

I'm with drpat! POWERLIFTIN! Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but dude, it's all I ever wanna talk about. And read about. And tell people in emails about. And watch on the youtubes. I must sound like a real broken record these days...

No, you're completely wrong. (NOW how do you feel?) It's unhappy and depressed bloggers who are boring. I like reading all about whatever project you feel like talking about, however often it is.

I really hope Sherry is going to scan some of her diagram-drawing work one of these days, because I would really like to see that. I would also like to see some more pictures of Megan's front yard and back porch, now that all the heavy lifting (ha ha ha) is over with. Preferably with Megan posing in a singlet somewhere.

I mean, if you don't LIKE blogging, and it is making you LESS happy, than you should stop doing it. Duh. But if you think you are boring because you are happy, or because you don't post every day, you got some other thinks coming.

Cecily is sending me thinks!

I'm with Cecily. And I don't know who that other bill is but I agree with him.

also agreeing with Cecily... if you and Sherry have simply tired of writing here, then of course stop. But if you think you should stop because you're concerned you can't keep your Readers satisfied, that's silly. You don't owe us anything.

The beauty that is Rhubarb Pie began (and still remains, for me) as a long-distance conversation between two friends who wanted to share parts of their lives with each other publicly. You wrote here for each other and graciously invited us to witness, and then eventually even participate. It's been such a lovely privilege to follow your correspondence here.

That's my sweetness. I don't really have an opinion. I'd be a little sad to see RP end, but there are always archives. I do love revisiting the archives so, so much. (:

ALSO: your "lackluster blog" is more refulgent and inspiring than so many other blogs out in the world that update daily.

Without RP, I wouldn't have seen the word "refulgent" today! And if you told us about moment frames we'd be all in a tizzy and would patiently wait for more, no matter how long between posts.

Oh, and I saw people forming hot, soft glass a couple of weeks ago (http://www.publicglass.org/) and it was also refulgent.

had to look up refulgent. nice.

Nope. Keep it up. I've got you to thank, I think, for planting the idea of going to skool and getting an engineering degree (391 days to graduation... but who's counting). They say for every complaint or compliment letter you receive, there are 100 more out there that didn't write in but are thankful for something (or livid) just the same. I'm not sure how the ratios change with the internets, but that's maybe a hundred engineers. Nice work!

I don't check in as often, but I still like to spend an hour catching up every once in a while (and I still hopscotch here from the FTA link. Old habits die hard).

If you need a study buddy for the PE, I've the FE coming up in the Fall...

Serious? Yeah, I do need a study partner for the PE.

And honestly, congratulations. Going back to school is an amazing accomplishment. You never did tell me your GPA, even though I asked.

Seriously. Same number and email.

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