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April 07, 2010


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Yay for the bed!
I'm suddenly wishing I'd been lifting weights, because I'm about to be bedless, and while it's not too hard to find cheap ones online, I'm carless and lugging a mattress on the tram isn't fun. Alas!

Also - I must have missed the social skills post. But it's fantastic. I've been thinking about this stuff a lot lately.

Check this out: me moving our new boxspring through the second floor window of our house (sadly, not before it gouged the plaster on the stairs). The delivery guys bugged out before I got started - they wanted no part of it. But it was kind of awesome.

Thank god it was a mild November day. I mean, it would have killed you on the spot, but for us hearty northerners, it wasn't too cold to have the window taken apart.

BTW, my condolences to Sherry on the mug. I'm not a mug-user, but AB has a mug that she's utterly committed to - part of her daily coffee ritual is washing the thing out, and it hardly ever gets a chance to go in the dishwasher. But the truth is that she's a serial monogamist - this is probably her third or fourth beloved mug in the years I've known her

Oh no! I see that my link to the picture of me with mattress is missing.


posts like this are why y'all have to keep blogging. it's always nice to read something well written and that you relate to. that makes you feel like you're sharing an experience with someone you've never even met, and that they're encouraging you, just by letting you know that you're not alone in something. so thank you!

Megan, you've mentioned on several occasions now listening to jazz (or I guess the Andrews Sisters are more boogie-woogie). Have you investigated the Sac swing dancing scene yet? I would be so tickled to drive up and go to Midtown Stomp with you there...

That is a handsome bed. And the Be Strong mug is fantastic. What would it take to convince you to wear a pink skirt with janglies over your unitard at the next meet?

I've been to Midtown Stomp, but if you don't go with a partner, no one asks you to dance. I very much wish I'd been part of a swing dancing scene. For that matter, I suspect I'd like line dancing too.

Take to convince me? Just about nothing. The better question is, how could they stop me from wearing a pink skirt with janglies over my unitard at the next meet?

Also, Lo. Does this mean you're in the Bay Area now? I'll go look.

Love this post especially the bed part. I have 2 super-special, sentiment-laden coffee/tea mugs which I store away (lightly hidden by linen or the occasional pirouette can (ahem) from the other flatware/dishes/glasses etc. yet, bafflingly, they are inevitably FOUND and USED by visitors. It's as if they have a homing device attached.

Line dancing is awesome. You don't need a partner, and the people who know what they are doing will gently nudge you into the right spot. If you have a place to go, GO!

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