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April 01, 2010


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Some very nice picture-taker specimens you've captured there. It would be interesting to tag them and see if any individuals return in later seasons.

I am totally going to make a stop motion action movie about vine on vine fighting.

Also, I sent you some thinks!

"Easy there, big fella. I just want to give you this anklet."


Thank you! I will use them!

It totally helps to talk to them that way; calm voice, keep up a line of patter. It's almost like they understand.

I don't want to get too anthropomorphic, but I think they're very good at reading body language. They can sense that you mean them no harm, so they don't get all fight-or-flight about it.

haHA! Good thing they aren't picking any this time.
ps -- I miss YOU a thousand times a day. <3
pps -- my blog has a million more hits, bringing the count to approximately 1,000,003. Helllll yeah!! Thanks for the plug, honey pie xx

My 20-month-old's sighting of a BEEEEE flying above a flower a couple weeks ago remains his favorite story. Every picture of a flower is occasion for him to "tell the story:" "BEEEEEE [points outside] My-mee*." When you echo the story back to him, he nods in great satisfaction.

* his word for Grammy, who was walking with him on this momentous occasion

Your yard and house look beautiful. I love that it's a project - an evolution - and not just a place to go to bed at night. You cultivate your house. And probably, a little, your neighbors.

Well, I do put out a salt lick.

I ask for more irrigation posts, and Megan does manage to sneak in a photo of an irrigation system in her very next post. See, that wasn't that hard.

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