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April 17, 2010


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I find it almost unbearable to throw usable things away, so I make large drops at the Salvation Army about twice a year. Books, clothes, towels, bedding, electronics, furniture. Maybe they throw some of it out as worthless, but I'm not there when they do, and there's a tax deduction.

We got our apartment already furnished, and after we'd lived there for a year and had a massive stack of china and glassware from our registry, I said, "We need a china cabinet in the kitchen, and it will only fit if we get rid of the breakfast table." The breakfast table was an adorable green-glass round-topped tall table with matching stools that had padded white leather seats, and we had actually had breakfast there exactly once. It was a table for the kind of people we wanted to be (people who ate breakfast, together, at a table not in front of a TV or computer screen) but our apartment is too small for aspirational furniture.

My husband and his brother took it to the Salvation Army, and before they'd even finished unloading it in the parking lot, a woman rushed up to them and said, "How much?" My brother-in-law was going to try to make the sale, but my husband felt that it was unethical to use the SA as our garage sale, so he directed the woman to the SA employee on duty.

I figure that if everyone takes all their excess stuff to a charity store, then that community has a constant supply of used furniture for when people need to furnish their homes quickly and cheaply. Plus, the sidewalks here are too narrow for a two-way stream of pedestrians, AND the regular trash that gets dumped there for pickup, AND loads of old furniture.

I was thinking of picking out lamps for them, because people need lamps.

In my experience, only female people need lamps. They are like cushions in that respect.

Whether this applies to your friend or not depends on both ta's sex and how closely ta follow Australian engineering stereotypes (which everyone should, but not all do)

(Using ta which is the non-gender-specific personal pronoun from Chinese which english so desparately needs to steal.)

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