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April 08, 2010


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On the off chance that you don't round up three dozen mug orders, I think these people will sell you two dozen and this person will sell you one.

Hey, looky that, it ate my HTML.



Picture of Megan lifting a pie on a sailboat, Sherry at the tiller.

Not used to having comments.

Wouldn't you know, I broke my office coffee mug yesterday. I'm no help on graphics, but if you settle on something, I'm in.

Sherry, the cobalt in Greg's list is gorgeous, but that orange in k-sky's link (the second) is amazing. You can buy just four of those.

We're really going to have swag? Really? You should draw it, because you're the talented one. You could draw a phrenology head and let me label all the sections with obscenities.

I just want to make sure that people take a look at the Pittsburgh &c. mug, because it features the PennDOT logo, which features... a dot. Get it?

I know that my blog hostess the bureaucrat doesn't have a lame sense of humor, and I know that my wife the bureaucrat doesn't have a lame sense of humor, but I get the distinct impression that my highway engineers have lame senses of humor.

State law forces us to put freeze frame pictures of water drops on everything we do.

You could draw a phrenology head and let me label all the sections with obscenities.

Yes. I would definitely buy one of those.

(The quoted part was supposed to be italicized, but I guess Typepad doesn't like HTML in comments. That's what I get for not previewing first.)

The other thing worth mentioning, if getting a group order together ends up being too much work, is that you may be able to find mugs in that shape at your local farmer's market.

Perhaps I'm just in the right part of the country for it, but I have 3 or 4 nicely curved mugs of various sizes that I've picked up from local potters for between $10-$20 each.

There are other state DOTs that have logos including dots. Arizona, for example:


However, looking through them, none is quite as blatant as PA.

I want mine with a picture of rhubarb pie on it.

I would totally buy a phrenology mug with obscenities written in. Possibly several, having a few friends that would love it.

You two are great. :)

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