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June 10, 2010


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I will miss y'all. Hope you make it to each other's coasts soon; I'm on my way to both this summer.

Be well and much happiness friends. Leave the delectable archives up for old times' sake.

Sorry to see you go, but I agree the time was right. Best of luck with whatever comes next.

Thanks for everything. We'll figure out a way to meet up in the real world. And we'll all miss your missives until then. Stay well!

You know, last time Megan quit on us, we at least got a cute picture of her and her coblogger waving goodbye.

Road trip!

Aww, we'll miss you!

Megan's bees will just have to start a blog of their own.

Why is everyone acting like this is for the best? This is not the best; I like reading this blog. You guys should feel the tiniest bit bad.

Probably because they don't trust us to quit. They're being patient with our periodic withdrawals until they get directions to our places (which don't exist, so far). One guy wrote and called me a "lifer."

I will miss Sherry. I will not miss Megan because Megan is a real person, whereas Sherry is completely imaginary. :(

And here I was, having just found this place today after thinking, "I haven't seen Sherry from CivPro in way too long..."

Ah, well.

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